Garbage Pail Kids Retro Card Shorts

$ 54.99

2020 Marks the Official 35th Anniversary of The Garbage Pail Kids. The GPK Cards featured a sticker that ruled the playgrounds and our childhoods in the 80s while offering some of the most creative art that was considered to be both grotesque and obscure.

While the craze for GPK continued to soar, schools implemented bans on GPK while retailers couldn't couldn't keep them on the shelves. The popularity lead to great exposure for the brand such as a cartoons, licensed products and multiple series of cards being offered within the first few years.

This pair of shorts feature a sublimated image of cards from the original series. The shorts are 100% poly, they are available in sizes S-4XL. The shorts have both a drawstring and pockets. 

Officially Licensed by Topps

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