Halloween Split Logo Retro Shorts

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Over 40 years since its initial release date, Halloween remains to be one of the greatest horror films of our time. John Carpenters 1978 classic continues to be timeless, a story of an incarcerated Michael Meyers who returns to Haddonfield, Illinois after stabbing his sister Judith at the young age of 6.

Chalk Line pays tribute to this Horror classic with a pair of mesh shorts featuring an iconic image of Michael Myers on both the front and the back of the shorts.

Available in sizes S-4XL.  Please note, the shorts fit true to size, and are designed to go the knee and not below the knee.

Short Sizing

Small - 28-30 / Medium - 30 - 32 / Large 32 - 34 / XL 34 - 36 / 2XL 36 - 38   / 3XL 38-40

Officially Licensed

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